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Re-reading "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green


Teen Wolf -> Season 4
Breaking Bad->Season 3
Two and a Half Men -> Season 1

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Best of Supernatural : 7/?

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Hey guys, as you may or may not know the blog turned 2 this year so we wanted to thank everyone who has been with us until now (old and new followers) and decided to make this very special pack just for you.

  • please like / reblog when downloading (keeps us motivated ;))
  • the whole pack (except for fonts) is made by us so do not claim us yours/redistribute
  • no credit needed but mind the point above^
  • download: zip / rar (dropbox)
  • if you have any questions / problems ask here

This pack contains:

  • 47 icons
  • 20 psds
  • 6 textures
  • 3 Katherine bagdes
  • 38 fonts (from various sources, free for personal use)

Enjoy, we hope you like it  :)


  • Day 01: Stefan + Light vs. Dark
  • Day 02: Stefan + Faceless
  • Day 03: Stefan + 2 colors
  • Day 04: Stefan + Sass
  • Day 05: Funniest Moment
  • Day 06: Stefan Fashionista (which is basically Stefan + Fashion)
  • Day 07: The Paul Day (because Paul deserves this)
  • Day 08: Free for all (post whatever you want).

You can make gifs/graphics/meta posts/videos or whatever means you wish to use to take part.

The tag for the week will be #saw14 but it would also be great if you were to tag the group tag (#stefan stan club) as well.

We start on September 1st (Monday). through to the following Monday (September 8th).

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.

i_love_harveys: Welcome to the Vmas


aries: goes to amusement parks alone
taurus: punk and charitable 
gemini: gets headaches when they see 3d movies
cancer: cute narcissist 
leo: wears dad pants
virgo: likes to stick lit matches up their butt
libra: can name all the members of the beetles and hates themselves
scorpio: eats raw onions 
sagittarius: selfish and beautiful
capricorn: has a hoard of ketchup packets
aquarius: shares their mcdonalds fries, is cool
pisces: acts like a goon

Dylan O’brien and Nina Dobrev - Backstage VMAs



"How are you all still alive?"

 ”Not all of us are.”